The vast majority of babies born in Malaysia are healthy, normal and perfect. Unfortunately, there are babies who born with defects recent years. Behavioural, environmental, psychological and nutritional all together contribute to a healthy or unhealthy pregnancy. Poor nutrition and exposure to harmful substances increase your risk of pregnancy problems. These same prenatal factors increase your newborn’s risk of future diseases, learning disabilities and behavior disorders.


Everybody knows not to smoke while pregnant, but not many people know why. Mothers who smoke cigarettes or marijuana during pregnancy are likely to bear children with ADHD, low test scores, difficulty processing information, or behavior problems.

Smoking Mom


Alcohol is one of the most dangerous teratogens, or substances that cause severe birth defects. Alcohol exposure during pregnancy leads to a whole lot of development problems for the fetus, including severe brain damage, ADD, developmental delays, language and speaking delays, fetal alcohol syndrome, and lower reading test scores.

Eating Junk Food

Junk food is loaded with artificial additives and flavourings. It also contains a lot of high fructose corn syrup. Many studies have shown that the artificial chemicals found in junk food affects a child’s brain development, even in the womb. Avoid feeding your unborn baby loads of artificial chemicals and flavourings by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and preparing your meals from scratch as often as possible.

Junk Food

Consuming Caffeine

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women are not allowed to drink coffee or tea? Caffeine exposure increases a fetus’s chance of lowered IQ, learning problems, and hyperactivity after being born.

Drugs in Medicine

Once you have confirmed positively pregnant, you probably started worrying about everything that went into your body food, medicine and otherwise. That is probably a very healthy attitude. Talk with your doctor about your prescriptions and avoid high dosage of drugs in your medicine.

Household Toxic Substances

Harmful substances can get into your body through your skin or when you breathe, eat or drink. Environmental experts advise that you avoid common household solvents, such as turpentine, hazardous cleaning supplies and indoor and outdoor pesticides. Protect you and your baby by choosing more natural cleaning supplies. Ventilate the house regularly by opening the windows for a few minutes each day.

Pregnancy Hazard Birth Defects
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