What if I tell you that music isn’t just good for your ears but your health too? Based on recent study, music has been found particularly effective in improving health, both physically and mentally. No kidding.

Here are FIVE reasons why:

1. Acts as a pain killer


Music can help a person feel less pain as it is a form of distraction. Many hospitals are using this method to complement the anesthesia given to patients particularly during labour. This will further decrease post-natal anxiety and pain while lowering the chances of postpartum depression. The next time you’re in pain, skip the pills and give music a try.

2. Boosts immune system


Certain type of  music can  create  a positive  and  profound  emotional  experience,  which helps produce immune boosting hormones. This helps reducing the factors responsible for illness.

3. Sleep better


Don’t you just miss being well-rested? Listening to classical music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia in college students by helping them relax. Perhaps the slow music works as a lullaby to those who aren’t able to sleep naturally.

4.  Bad mood no more


It’s not something new that music can help improve your mood depending on the genre. Go for a more upbeat music to start your day right.

5. Aids memory


It has been proven that music helps to recall information. Which means whatever you’ve learned while listening to a particular song can often be recalled by “playing” the song mentally.

Finally, more reasons to have your headphones on!

Science Said Music’s Good For You
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