An Introduction to QL Eggs The journey of QL eggs start from the chicks that are housed in temperature controlled environment. We use the latest technology to provide the best living condition to the chicks so that they grow healthy and productive when the reach maturity age at 17 weeks of age. Our strict biosecurity and hygiene standards allow the chickens to grow in a disease free environment.

When chickens are healthy they can fully utilise the feed for optimum performance. This brings down cost of production. To help the chickens fight common diseases we vaccinate them with the best vaccines available in the market. Factors such as comfortable environment, high hygiene standard, strict biosecurity practices, complete vaccination and high quality feed make QL chickens perform better that the industry standard.

Our best practices also eliminate the need to use antibiotic unnecessarily. We have a team of professionals working with us. They are experts in veterinary medicine, poultry nutrition and animal sciences and husbandry who are highly dedicated in making sure the chickens are always healthy. Our relentless efforts to maintain high farming standards has enables us to obtained accreditation from Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) under the accreditation scheme SALT (Skim Akreditasi Ladang Ternakan).

DVS offices conduct routine surveillance and audit on the farm to make sure we always maintain the required standard. Everybody understands a simple principle: the chickens are what they eat. We are a leader in feed ingredient business securing high quality feed material from all over the world for our chickens. Combined with the use of state of the art feed formulation software we are able to produce the best feed for the chickens to grow and give high egg production.

In an effort to differentiate QL eggs with other eggs in the market we have enriched our eggs with functional nutrients that are important for human. This is done by changing the feed formulation. We enriched our feed with Omega 3 oil so that the eggs are high in Omega-3 and DHA levels.

Our specially formulated feed also allows the chickens to produced eggs with up to 40% less cholesterol. To improve the health of the chickens and reduce the reliance to antibiotic, we feed the chickens with probiotics. The freshest these enriched eggs are packed into our QL Omega and QL Deli Fresh range, where two separate QL processes are applied to ensure no defects in the end products. These eggs are packed in specially designed egg packs or trays that follow the curvatures of the egg. This prevents egg breakage during handling and delivery.

We use our own fleet of single-use delivery trucks to make sure our top quality eggs reach the customers prompt and unscathed. In QL, we regard eggs as any other high quality processed food products. Furthermore, eggs are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet as they contain high quality protein, unsaturated fat and more than 10 essential minerals and vitamins. QL Omega and QL Deli Fresh eggs have up to 40 per cent less cholesterol than normal eggs, are completely free of synthetic colours, and are enhanced with natural feed ingredients and probiotics.

QL Omega eggs are enriched with Omega-3, an essential fatty acid that is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke. We will continue to improve our farming to meet the ever increasing demand from consumers for nutritional food with high safety standard.

We are able to do this with our designer eggs and good farming practices. We are also addressing other external factors such as increase feed material cost and unpredicted feed stock by sourcing, research and development of new feed ingredients using agriculture by products. We are very proud of our farming business because we believe we are providing a very nutritional food for the people. At the time we are helping the country in term of food security because we make sure the country is self-sufficient in chicken eggs. And QL is taking the leading role in these two aspects.

We operate our company with four values: integrity, innovative, winwin and teamwork. In our efforts to contribute more to the society, we have partnered with IJN Foundation and launched the ‘Good Heart Campaign’ which will run during September and October this year. We will donate 50 sen from every pack of QL Omega or QL Deli Fresh eggs sold during the campaign period.

QL is an abridged version of the Chinese phrase Quan Li, which means “Benefits For All” and this campaign is a good representation of our company’s core value where we produce nourishing food for consumers, support IJN Foundation though funding and help raise public awareness on heart health at the same time.

Besides that, we also believe in creating a complete experience for our consumers, from the farm to their dining tables, which is brings to the launch of a new initiative in 2015, QL Kitchen ( It is a cooking blog featuring showcasing our products with mouthwatering recipes, handy kitchen tips and innovative ideas. Through this platform, consumers may learn more on how to enjoy these nutritious eggs in healthy yet mouth-watering ways!

The Journey Of QL Eggs
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