Many equate mental and physical fitness to health. In fact, to be truly healthy – one needs to manage the health of the mind, body, emotions and holistic well-being aspects.

In recognition of the importance yet lack of understanding, awareness and practice of wellness in Malaysia, Malaysian Wellness Society (MWS), The Laureate, HerbaLine Facial Spa & The Mines Wellness Hotel in June collectively staged the 1st Global Wellness Day (GWD) CSR campaign entitled “Bringing Wellness Communities Together” in Malaysia.

Close to 250 people comprising public, media, wellness companies and their guests enjoyed a kaleidoscopic range of wellness activities, health screenings, workshops, talks and discussion forums aimed at creating education, embracement and participation of wellness. In addition, various wellness companies came to network and explore future wellness development campaigns and planning towards GWD 2016.

All collaborators made a commitment to bring a renaissance of wellness in Malaysia by signing a pledge and introduced wellness educational booklets and privileges to participants. Other sponsors such as Beacon Health, RPA Holistic Wellness Academy, The Naked Lunchbox, Nippo BioFertiliser and HerbaLine In- House Café came in with goodies, interactive activities and vouchers for participants.

The Laureate (a subsidiary company of Beacon International Specialist Centre) sponsored a lucky draw in the form of a genetic profiling programme for personalised wellness worth RM4,280.

The Naked Lunch Box, a healthy delivery service, showcased a cooking demo for heathy meals to the public.

The event also garnered the supper of wellness practitioners in the likes of Datin Rajinder Gill, an author who has been a fervent believer and avid practitioner of wellness for a long time. Choo Mei Sze, a columnist, TV Host and a colon cancer survivor shared her story on how wellness practice had transformed her life.

The Mines Wellness Hotel (under Country Heights Holding Berhad founded by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew), sponsored the venue, facilities and lucky draw prizes.

Organiser, HerbaLine Facial Spa which is essentially a facial centre operating in a spa environment has always been committed to creating a relaxing customer experience to bring about the essence of beauty from inside out.

Gary Sho, senior marketing manager of HerbaLine Facial Spa said HerbaLine was proud to present and organise the 1st GWD in Malaysia. “The management is highly inspired by the founder of GWD in the U.S. We decided to emulate and bring this concept of

“One day dedicated to wellness advocacy” campaign to Malaysia,” enthused Gary.

On the level of wellness awareness in the country, Malaysian Wellness Society president, Datuk Dr Rajbans Singh said that many are still clueless about wellness or possesses a vague notion of the meaning and essence of wellness

Consistent with the World Health Organisation’s definition of “health,” the 2013 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report defines wellness as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It goes beyond mere freedom from disease or infirmity and emphasises the proactive maintenance and improvement of health and well-being.

Expressed on a continuum that extends from reactive to proactive approaches to health, wellness falls firmly on the proactive side, incorporating attitudes and activities that prevent disease, improve health, enhance quality of life, and bring a person to increasingly optimum levels of well-being.

“Many corporations and individuals spend millions on healthcare plans and medical treatments but little to none on proper wellness programmes which can pre-empt or delay one from getting ill. Consider the stark facts: Total death in Malaysia (2014) was 146,000 people. Non-communicable diseases are estimated to account for 73% of total deaths, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

The probability of dying between ages 30 and 70 from the four main NCDs is 20%. While the stats will climb in future years, practicing wellness would be key to cushion the acceleration of an increasingly ill-stricken society, explained Dr Rajbans.

Dr Rajbans explained that many a times, the public would like to get started on wellness practice but don’t know who to seek for advice. Vice-versa, companies from the wellness industry do not have a conducive platform to acquaint wellness insights, products and services that could help the public.

In view of this, GWD will bridge this gap and serves as a conducive interactive / exchange platform for internal and external interest groups to address and gain everything on wellness.

Sam Yee, general manager The Laureate said,”Personalised wellness medicine is the future of healthcare and key to prevention of health issues that may arise in our lifetime. By taking proactive measures to identify potential problems or contributing factors that may lead to chronic health issues, public will be able to prevent diseases, restore health and slow down their body’s ageing process.

“If you are serious about understanding and improving your wellness conditions, you may like to explore adopting a wellness management programme for your life-long wellness. Here at The Laureate, we have introduced the latest science-based Genetic Profiling testing solutions to ensure keeping wellness personalised and more effectively,” said Sam Yee.

First Global Wellness Community Building Campaign Storms
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