The many benefits of handmade Natural Soap just begin with Aromatherapy.

The demand for natural based soap is growing as people are more informed of synthetic additives in commercially made soap and its effect on skin.A natural-based soap will not be using ingredient like chemical colorants, hardeners, latherers or preservatives.


Natural soaps are made with some kind of fat or oil and of course sodium hydroxide or ‘lye’. Most of us have heard our whole lives that oil and water don’t mix. And they don’t – Unless you change their chemical composition.

Sodium hydroxide does exactly that. It changes the oil and water so that they can blend and become soap.

Experience the relaxing benefits of Nature and the high quality ingredients of cold process soaps, massage oils and handmade blends. Inspired by the beauty found in nature, all of our products are made with oils, butters & botanicals derived from the earth, and are scented with pure essential oils.


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Natural Wellbeing
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