Graduating with a Nutrition/Dietetics degree from the United States, Datin Farah DiBa Khan, Manager of the Lifestyle Modification Centre at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC), has been a practicing dietitian for the past 28 years. She is an avid advocate of good nutrition for all and provides dietary advice to patients with kidney, liver or heart disease, cancer patients, diabetics and also patients recovering from surgery at the hospital.

Another key role is to advise and, in some cases, monitor patients who have had bariatric (weight loss) surgery. “We get them every month, usually from Australia,” she explained. One Malaysian patient, she proudly recalls, lost 36kgs and now enjoys marathons and cycling. “He’s aiming for the Iron Man competition!”

Datin Farah

Datin Farah frequently counsels individuals who are weight challenged. After they are weighed and their goals discussed, she will draw up a program for them to lose weight healthily. She draws up menus and tells them what to eat, how to eat and in what portions.

“I give them a range of measuring tools for food,” she explains, holding out the kind of measuring spoons and cups that you would use for cooking and baking.

“I give them tips on the amount of exercise they need to do given a certain amount of calories consumed. They are given a food log and must write down everything they have eaten and the exercise they do.”

If they have a weighing scale at home, they can track their weight as well, though not every day, she says, as a variety of things (water retention, for example) can cause weight to go up and that can be discouraging. She sees her weight challenged patients every fortnight to check their progress.

When it comes to quotes about nutrition and healthy lifestyle, Datin Farah seems to be the go-to person for the media and has appeared on a range of television and radio programs, magazines and newspapers. She frequently does presentations for large corporations, embassies and schools that are eager to see their staff or students leaner and fitter.

Datin Farah advocates heathy eating by providing easy healthy recipes. This month’s recipe features bean curds and soy.

Modifying Bad Habits
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