Persistent rain have cleared the air of haze in parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore for the first time in months. Cleanest air was enjoyed by citizens starting from Thursday the 29th of October.

The director-general of the Malaysian Meteorological Department, Che Gayah Ismail told AFP news that

“We should have blue skies and no more haze.”

The fires and resulting region-wide pollution occur to varying degrees each year during the dry season as vast Indonesian plantation lands are illegally cleared by burning.

Experts had warned that this year’s outbreak was on track to become the worst yet due to bone-dry conditions caused by the El Niño phenomenon, which alters weather patterns across the Pacific basin.

Indonesian authorities say 19 people have died either fighting the fires or due to the smoke, and that half a million Indonesians are suffering from respiratory illness.

Clear Skies In Months
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