I have three kids at home aged seven years old, three years old and five months old. While I do give them leeway sometimes to have some chocolate spread and ice-cream as treat, I make sure they are well-aware of the difference between healthy and non-healthy food.

Here are 6 tips I pick up from the internet which I find very helpful to encourage healthy eating among children.

1. Be A Role Model

Monkey see, monkey do. Make sure you put those broccolis in your mouth before preaching its benefits to the little one. Studies have also found that children’s food tastes are significantly related to what their mothers like and dislike. So brace yourself with those greens!


2. Get Your Kids Involve in Meal Planning

Gone are the days when our mothers would show us away from the kitchen while they were cooking. Today, we see Instagram picture of kids as young as 3 years old baking their own healthy muffin for breakfast. Get your kids involve in grocery shopping and budgeting too. This may set them way ahead in managing their own expenses in future.

3. Healthy Snacks

Make healthy snacks available within reach for your kids and have absolutely NO JUNK FOOD in the house. Encourage simple snacks like fruit cocktail, parfait, yogurt, nuts, raisins and dried fruits to children.

4. Promote Balance

My mother told us she gets wary about offering food to her grandkids sometimes. I think it is perfectly all right for kids to have “cheat day treat” once a while. What’s important is making them aware of the choices they make. When such practice is impose, kids are sometimes able to set the limit themselves, even with a chocolate fountain spread in front of them the entire evening.

5. Be Consistent

..and don’t give up. And don’t force feed either. If your kids do not like fish, try again by cooking it in different dish the next time. Studies show that children need multiple exposures (up to 10 times) to try and begin to take a liking in certain food.

6. Make a Chart

Plan your meal ahead on a weekly or monthly basis and you may even note the nutritional value your family has for the day. I make my meal chart on a three week basis on repeat. It saves times to plan the meal for the day and it is always comforting to know my children are getting nutritious food at home.

Encourage Your Kids To Eat Healthy
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