“Congratulations, you are pregnant!” Are those the most magical four words you anticipate to hear after you got married?

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Revealing pregnancy varies from one mother-to-be to another. Pregnancy is a big news to parents who are expecting and an absolute joy to married couples who have been trying to conceive.

As a pregnant mother, I had my own experience in announcing my ‘bun in the oven’ news to my husband, family and friends. I found out I was expecting after almost a week of starting my new job. This ‘baking bun’ somehow triggers in me that sort of unexplainable feeling; extremely excited and slightly worried.

Adapting to the nature of my new career with a baby growing inside my womb is somehow rather testing to my patience and emotion. Feeling needy of a strong support system, it gave me no second thought to utter the brow-raising sentence “I am expecting” when I was just a month pregnant.

Many suggested that breaking baby news is most ideal when you hit your 13 to 14 weeks or when you are in your second trimester. Despite it all, it is still very thrilling to witness people shouts and jaw-dropping facial expressions and not forgetting their hugs and warm wishes when you announce your pregnancy. It feels so good!

When you decide the best time to spill the beans, there are many fun ways you can do to break the baby news to partners, family, friends and also bosses.

1. Playing Scrabble

To announce the big news to your partner who is also your baby’s daddy is the most exciting moment for you both. Playing Scrabble is one fun and creative way to break the news to your spouse.

2. ‘Baking your baby’

Do not take its literal meaning. Baking a bun in the oven could be a fun trick to symbolize that you have ‘bun in the oven’ and your partner will become a father. You can try putting an ultrasound picture of your peanut in the oven and ask him to take it out for you. He will definitely be crying out of joy looking at the picture. It could be the funniest and most memorable moment for both of you!

3. Family dinner

Big family dinner that may be held once in a month could be the best time to break the big news. You can first tell your mother and she will be cooperative enough to take action in the middle of eating time. Your mother could first say “I am becoming a grandmother!” If you have a married sister, it could be more dramatic when everybody started looking at your sister and suddenly she shakes her head. That is the moment when everybody start turning at you and said, “You’re pregnant!”

4. Baby Food

Another fun trick you can easily try is by telling your husband that you are going to cook dinner for him. Show him your grocery list you have prepared for him to buy for you. On it written all the ‘baby veggies’ like baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby peas and other foods with ‘baby’ in it. Then the last one you can write is your baby’s daddy. He will surely get the message crystal clear and his overwhelming expression is indeed priceless.

Congratulations, You’re Pregnant!
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