The eyes are an important, but often overlooked, part of overall health. While a bright-looking pair will help make a person look well rested, having clear vision is something essential, as well.


New from Kino Biotech is Kinohimitsu Total Eyebright. The set of two revolutionary products work together to not only provide a complete and effective protection for tired eyes, but also minimise wrinkles, lighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and firm up the eye area.


Kinohimitsu Lutein as an oral supplement enhances blood circulation and oxygen flow to the eyes. One sachet before breakfast each day is enough to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles, moisten eyes and protect against UV light.

A key ingredient is the FloraGlo lutein derived from marigold flowers. It protects the retina, strengthens eyesight and nourishes the eye. The delicious berry-flavoured drink also contains extracts of Macqui berry, algae and purple rice, plus lycopene and beta-carotene.

Kinohimitsu EyePro, a non-invasive botox wrinkle filler easily applied to the eye area, is rich in Acmella Oleracea extract, Kombuchka, Collageneer, PhytoCellTec and Cytobiol. These trademarked and patented ingredients offer active nourishment and keep eyes looking fresh.

The formulation fills in wrinkles within 10 seconds of use. It deflates puffy eyes, lightens dark eye circles and firms up eyes area in just four weeks, as well. Just dab a small amount onto the eye area every morning and night to see a difference.

Chew, 45, says Kinohimitsu Lutein has improved his vision. Only after two weeks of taking the product, he feels that his eyes are no longer dry – even after an extremely long day at work.

“On nights when I have to work late, I can wake up the next day feeling fresh. My eyes feel rested and they don’t look puffy at all. The EyeBright Lutein has really helped me stay alert in the office.”

Grace, 24, and Jamila, 31, both notice promising results from using Kinohimitsu EyePro. They feel that it has lightened dark circles and fine lines around their eye area. When taken with together with Kinohimitsu EyeBright Lutein, their eyes feel refreshed.

One sachet of Kinohimitsu Lutein is equivalent to 15mg pure lutein and 100% natural and safe, with no sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring added. They are SGS tested and free from 312 types of hormones, steroids and chemicals too.

Kinohimitsu Total Eyebright is suitable for all age groups. Even children as young as six –who are constantly facing electronics devices such as a smartphone, tablet or television – can benefit from it.

Especially recommended for people who are constantly exposed to sunlight or the use of electronic devices, as well as contact lense users and those suffering eye fatigue due to long hours of reading or driving.

Interested in Kinohimitsu Total Eyebright? Get more information and make an online purchase here!

Bringing Back Radiance And Sparkle To Your Eyes
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