Vista Eye Specialist Centre located in The Curve Damansara shopping mall had recently housed an event offering free eye tests to patrons. The event went on for three days between 16 and 18th October.

Vista Eye Specialist has been organizing this free eye test since year 2010. Bernard Chan, the Marketing Manager of Vista Eye, had found some time to talk to Health+ about the company’s free eye test.


“The main reason for this event had always been about helping people. We found it alarming that Malaysians have the tendency to become blind more than any other developing country in Asia,” Bernard said during an interview with Health+.

Malaysians are gripped by eye diseases like cataract and Glaucoma which are highly avoidable if detected early.

“From the 9 years of experience I have had working in this industry; I noticed that eyesight is something we really take for granted. It is only when severe symptoms starting to show will we go to have our eyes checked, by then it may already be too late,” he said.

The Eye Carnival is a way for Vista Eye to encourage the public to have their eyes checked. “It is more of a public service than anything, because we know that the event does not benefit us much financially.” he said.

“We are delighted by the positive response from the public. I have one that came all the way from Australia just to join our carnival and have his eyes checked,” Bernard adds.

A well-known doctor that specializes in eye health, Dr Aloysius Joseph Low leads the team of experts in the company.


Vista Eye Specialist has six branches located nationwide and each branch ran the Eye Carnival concurrently. The carnival at The Curve had form partnership with other health related groups offering various health screenings like bone density tests, breast cancer tests, skincare tests as well as blood pressure tests. Since the event was an attraction for families, it also offered free family portrait service as a way of saying thank you to their customers.

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